Nursing bed accessories

High grade fiber mattress FM-85C

Name:High grade fiber mattress FM-85C

Fabric 100%polyester (antibiosis and flame retardant)
Filler 100%polyester

Size: W850×L1950×H80mm

Product features:

1. Using of "special elastic polymer fiber" elk makes the mattress have better resilience

and longer life and is resistant to high temperature disinfection and cleaning.
2. Structurally strengthening the stiffness of the waist of the mattress can make it easier
for patients to sit and rest at the side of bed. (Both sides of the bed are hardened)
3. It can be disinfected or cleaned with ordinary sheets. So it has good cleanliness.
4. Because the mattress has special structure, it has good air permeability. It is not easy
to get stuffy in summer and has good warmth retention in winter.
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