Nursing bed accessories

3D elastic fiber mattress FM3D

Name:               3D elastic fiber mattress FM3D

Specifications: 30~80mm thickness for one time;

core density (105KG/m; 90KG/m; 75KG/m; 66KG/m; 84KG/m)

Product material: POE polymer elastic fiber

Bed material: optional mesh cloth (breathable and breathable)

Product size: 850 × 1950×50mm

Origin: China

Product color: inner core white, bed blue, silver, army green.

Product features:

1. Excellent air permeability, heat moisture and moisture release from fiber gaps, keep dry and keep warm.
2. The inner core is flame-retardant, washable in all directions, fast drying performance, machine washable.
3. good air permeability to control the breeding of mites, control humidity, improve muggy and prevent pressure ulcers.
4. The upper fiber layer has good elasticity, the middle layer plays the role of dispersion pressure, and the bottom layer has extremely high pressure resistance, which can be used on both sides.

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