About us

       Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary corporation of Japan France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd.. It is founded in Nantong, Jiangsu, in 2012.
     France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd. is established in 1949. It is a large integrated enterprise which not only develops and manufactures the up-grade furniture, bedding articles and medical nursing supplies, but also supplies sales and rental service. 
France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd has been listed in Stock Exchanges of Tokyo early in 1963. In 1983, our France Bed Holdings pioneered the rental service of the nursing beds in Japan, which promote the popularization of the nursing beds and welfare equipment in the general family. Therefore, the elderly can choose the appropriate welfare equipment at any period. Besides, using the equipment cyclically is good for the environment protection.
       Under the nursing insurance system, rental services have been the mainstay in the welfare equipment market in Japan. France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise that created the rental system.
       Our company has introduced the experience of Japan France Bed Holding Co., Ltd. in the fields of R&D technology, production management and sales service accumulated for more than 60 years in Japan. We are manufacturing and selling high-quality products such as multi-functional electric bed and mattress. In addition, other products such as wheelchairs and side rails can help the elderly achieve self-reliance. Meanwhile, we also provide the products that can relieve the burden of the nursing staffs for the general family and hospitals. 
      Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd has introduced the rental model so that the elderly in China can use the high-quality welfare equipment with low costs. Therefore, Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd provides for the Chinese market not only the products, but also the rich experience of disinfection and maintenance accumulated by France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd. for about 30 years.
       Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd will take good use of the experience and resources of France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd. and strive hard for creating richer and warmer life.   
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