《ASEAN economic communication》 introduces the Asian strategy of France Bed Holding Co., Ltd.


《ASEAN economic communication》 introduces the subsidiary corporation of France Bed Co., Ltd. —Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd.

The related contents are as follows:
On June, 2012, we established a subsidiary corporation-- Jiangsu France Bed Co., Ltd. (rate of investment 80%) which produces and sells electric adjustable beds, mattress, and wheel chairs and so on. The electric adjustable beds can adjust the height of back section, foot section and bed surface, which relieve the burden of nursing staffs. The users can get up and out of the bed themselves with the help of electric adjustable beds. In addition, new products, electric adjustable beds (VS series) with the high-grade household style and dismountable electric adjustable beds which are easy to carry and assemble have got the high attention.
We concentrate on the rental service for years. France Bed Group pioneered the rental service of care bed 30 years ago and now it has become the main business of us. At present, China has not carried out the care insurance. We believe that the general family can also enjoy the high-function·high-price welfare products with low price.
Our company aims at teaching the local companies the technology of rental·recycle·disinfection·maintenance to popularize the high-quality welfare equipment. In the near future, a Beijing care service operating company provided with the technical advice by Jiangsu France Bed will officially begin the first rental of the welfare equipment. Besides providing the products, we will also make a contribution on the above software to the Chinese aging society.
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