The 8th Health and Wellness Industry Product Exhibition in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

On November 5-6, the 8th China Senior Forum on the Development of the Elderly Service Industry in 2022 and the China Wellness Products Industry Expo, sponsored by the Chinese Social Security Society, the Business Development Center of the Chinese Red Cross Society General Association and the Red Cross Society of Jiangxi Province, and co-organized by Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co. was held in Riverside Hotel, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

As a subsidiary of Japan FRANCEBED Group in China, Jiangsu FRANCEBED service aim is to let the elderly "live with dignity" and help them achieve self-sufficiency and autonomy. The exhibits on display include: powered turning electric nursing bed, which is simple and practical to provide convenient turning apparatus for the elderly and effectively improve the efficiency of care; the handrail called GR510, which assists in standing up from the bed and at the same time can be adjusted according to the needs of three support angles; the electric walker, which safely assists the elderly in walking up and down slopes; the full-body shiatsu massager, which is derived from the Japanese shiatsu massage technique and is equipped with heating function to ease the fatigue of the whole body.

Nowadays, aging has become a future development trend, and it is our innovative development direction to care for the elderly and provide them with a comfortable and comfortable life. Our near neighbor, Japan, has remarkable achievements in dealing with aging. Jiangsu FRANCEBED brings the experience and resources accumulated by the Japanese headquarters for many years to China, hoping to help the elderly achieve quality, safety as well as peaceful products and service as much as possible through unremitting efforts.
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