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High-grade electric adjustable bed EZEX series

Product name:      High-grade electric adjustable bed EZEX series

Model:                    EZ-202F

Suitable mattress:RH-FK-DLX bendable spring mattress

Size:                       S·M W/S1060·M1310×L2090×H/866~1226(3M)·866 (2M)

bed frame distance:321~681mm(3M)·321(2M)

Weight:                    3M/S137kg·M156kg  2M/S86kg·M99kg

Main material:         Poplar, leather(2M・3M)  

Suitable mattress:  W970/1220mm

Feature:                  3 motors 4 functions/2 motors 3 functions

                                   Rise and fall of back part(0°~78°)

                                   Rise and fall of foot part(0°~30°)

                                   Synchronized rise and fall of back and foot part

                                   Rise and fall of bed frame(321~681mm)

                                   Five part bed board

                                   Rise and fall verticality

                                   The bed back board will rebound automatically when it is clamped with foreign matters.
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