Nursing bed

Powered turning bed

Name:              Powered turning bed

Model:              FBN-640

Inclination angle of turning over 
Automatic operation:0~10°
Manual operation:0~25°

Turn over speed
3-stage speed adjustable

The function of automatic turning can effectively prevent the occurrence of bedsore and lighten the burden of caregivers. At the same time,it can also turn over when the bed board is lifted for the purpose of swallowing。

Basic function:

1、The bedplate can tilt slowly from left to right, adjust the users position, and prevent bedsore by dispersing pressure.

2、Remote Control combing safety with operationality

3、Borderless Design

4、Automatic operation function
Automatic mode can automatically change position 24 hours to reduce the burden of caregivers.(Angle and speed can be adjusted according to demand) Even at night, it does not interfere with sleep.

5、Optional accessories

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